I'm a cross-disciplinary designer crafting data/design-driven strategies and immersive content for b2b and b2c brands.From concept to execution, I bring ideas to life across various mediums.

Currently: Social Designer @WeTransfer. Formerly: Senior Visual designer @CNET. Select Clients: Complex Networks, Gatorade, Verizon, AT&T, United Nations



For 5 years, I connected the two media brands with giants like Apple, AT&T,IBM, & T-Mobile, and crafted successful design systems for commerce, social, and premium editorial efforts in both editorial and video.


  • Created an editorial design system generating $13m during Amazon Prime Day on July 11th-12th.

  • Elevated instagram engagement from 1.2m to 9-10m impressions monthly with a user-friendly template system accessible to non-designers.

  • Secured exclusive Apple Arcade coverage with premium editorial design, leading to a $5m content partnership with AT&T's 5G campaign.


I engaged with 1 million TV/YouTube viewers with influencers and artists, built video franchises, and promoted shows with data-driven social content.


  • Built a 500k+ following with our Green Label series, Word of Mouth, featuring talents like Jhene Aiko, Anderson Paak, and Shelley FKA DRAM, under the guidance of Senior Influencer Strategist Bella Thomas.

  • Averaged 180k views for custom Instagram content promoting unique go90 shows, including Rhonda Rousey’s 'Why We Fight' and Peter Berg’s 'QB1: Beyond the Lights.


As the sole designer, I created solutions for a millennial audience of 75 million, editorial teams, video, sales, and company founders. My pitch work led to securing multiple $200k-$300k deals with brands like Axe, EDC Las Vegas, Gatorade, and more.


  • Built YouTube-centric video franchises like Generation Y from scratch, achieving viewership ranging from 200k to 5 million per video.
  • Secured a $5m sponsored content deal with Verizon.


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