CBS: TV Guide’s Best 100 Shows

100k impressions, engagement from fans / shows, and a lasting impression on competitor outlets.
Approach & Thought Process:

TV Guide had tasked me to build a simple graphic as an update to their yearly listicle tentpole content.
I immediately recognized an opportunity to bring a legacy brand into a new market, a new audience.

Editorial content in today needs to speak across different platforms, and be re-formatted to them properly so they find the audience they’re looking for. 

After developing artwork and inserts for the article on site, I expanded my scope to Instagram where I created a listicle insta-story funnel that led traffic back to the article, and an instagram take over. 

On Twitter, we repurposed the inset assets to create a “top 25” tweet thread. 

What followed was a massive increase in engagement: 

- Over 100,000 unique impressions on a single article 
- Retweets/ instagram story reshares from Show pages, showrunners, and actors. 
- Publications like Entertainment Weekly & Variety creating similar content to ours, in order to capitalize on the moment our brand created. 

Eventually our “best 100” content became a staple to our yearly production calendar, and opened many other opportunities to work directly with shows and TV talent. 

︎My Role: Concept, execution, and strategy for campaign

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