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Strengthening competitive Authority with a legacy brand
Approach & Thought Process:

The editor in chief of CNET scheduled a meeting with me to discuss the future of editorial with CNET. 

We had friends at Apple who gave us a very candid response to our question:
“Why are we not in the loop when you’re working on projects like Apple Arcade?
What do these other publications offer that we dont?”

Apple’s response: “You write better stories, but the other pubs present them better.”

It’s not common to get conversations like these, but they provided amazing insights on how our partners saw us as a brand.
And we gladly embraced that challenge. 

The first project we tackled was Apple Arcade. We came back with a design-first proposal. They were excited with our pitch, and gave us the story and early access. I provided a custom animated header animation for our editorial hub, and unique illustrations to accompany 3 other longform stories to reflect a unique design package. 

These efforts helped us land a $5M campaign deal with AT&T, and many other sponsored partnerships where we implemented our updated design solutions.

What you’ll see below is a series of editorial campaign hubs that garnered us many partnerships and editorial awards.  

︎My Role: Concept and execution, design
︎CNET Team: Editorial coverage

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