Complex Networks + Verizon: Campaign Work
Internal & Social Media campaigns for Go90 and Green Label
Approach & Thought Process:

With Go90, we developed “Social Engagement” templates that appeared similar to what the millennial generation grew up consuming when they were younger: tumblr-style quotes and clips capturing moments within indie-cinema, alongside many other post types we identified in our market research. 

Through our efforts, we cultivated an audience of over 1 million  followers across our sports, music, and flagship instagram accounts.

Green Label was a very small team with friends like A$AP Ferg, Jhene Aiko, Shelley FKA DRAM, and Anderson .Paak. They had in their vault audio recordings and short clips that had never been released to the public. I  pitched a video format utilizing motion graphics and photography that we eventually called “Word Of Mouth”. 

The series was recieved very well within our GL community, and eventually led up to short film with A$AP Ferg, titled “Forever Ferg”.

︎My Role: Concept & execution of campaigns & templatization
︎Marcus Allen: Associate designer 

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