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Approach & Thought Process:

As an in-house visual designer, you take on a multitude of projects that test your ability to diversify your illustrative styles. 

Through market research, and a talented editorial staff, I’ve been able to develop a more efficient approach to a very wide variety of styles like contemporary collage, hand drawn illustration, and mixed media. 

What you’ll find here is the breadth of styles I learned to develop on the job in order to best pair the look and feel alongside the stories handed to me. 

︎My Role: Designer: Concept and Execution

One Small Step: What will the Moon Look Like in 50 Years? (Photo Collage)

How the Search for the next Steve Jobs is ruining Silicon Valley? (Vector Collage)

Amazon’s helping Police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells (Vector Illustration)

Marvel is censoring films for China, and you probably didn’t notice (Traditional Collage + Animation)

Send your ashes into orbit for a funeral in space (Vector illustration)


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